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We are glad to inform you that the website of the next IPRA-CINDER Congress is available. You have all the information regarding the congress: inscriptions, venue, key speakers, etc.

The fees of congress are:

  • Payment date until Thursday, February 15 USD 500
  • Payment date until the start of the event, USD 550

The fee includes: academic activity, work materials, refreshments, lunches, welcome cocktail and gala dinner

We encourage you to register before February 15th


Merry Christmas

From the Secretary General of IPRA-CINDER we wish you a Merry Christmas and a happy new year

Call out for papers

The 21st congress is organized by Superintendencia de Notariado y Registro of Colombia in conjunction with the International Property Registry Association (IPRA-CINDER). The conference will be held on May 2, 3 and 4 in Cartagena de Indias.

The official languages of the conference are: English, Portuguese and Spanish

The congress will be focused on two main issues:

  1. Land titles and the peace process: How to solve land disputes and the role of the Land Registry. Land restitution and native titles.
  2. How to reform Land Registries?
  • The collaboration between Cadasters and Land Registries.
  • The new technologies and the reform of Land Registries (Blockchain and Land registration).
  • The organization of the Land Registries for the XXI Century. (Management privatization of the land registries)
  1. How to measure security in Land rights? The Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) of the United Nations

For speakers who want to present their presentations in the panels or academics who want their papers to be in the congress’s publication should submit initial abstracts of papers of maximum 700 words. The abstract should address one of the three congress topics.  Abstracts will be reviewed by the scientific committee as they will make remarks or give an advice and will give a rough indication of the size of the final paper.  After accepting the initial abstract, the authors will be invited to submit full text paper and a presentation as it can be made in any of the four official languages and the final abstract just in English.

If received after the mentioned dates below, it cannot be guaranteed that papers will be included in the proceedings. Papers that do not use the review comments might also be removed from the program and proceedings.

The key dates are:

  1. Deadline for submission of abstracts, February 7th (Thursday)
  2. Communication of acceptance and observations, February 15th (Friday)
  3. Deadline to submit the full text of papers, April 2nd (Monday)

Abstracts and papers should be send to the following e-mail

The format and length for papers is as follows:

  • No more than 30 veneers
  • Document in letter size and 1.5 line spacing
  • Times New Roman type
  • Typing size 12 points
  • The same typeface must be applied to all text (quotes, including notes and bibliography)
  • Written in the official conference languages but the final abstract must be written in English


EGM: Using administrative data to monitor SDG land indicator

UN Habitat and the World Bank as co-custodians of SDG indicator 1.4.2, The Global Land Indicators Initiative (GLII), IPRA-CINDER and the University Pompeo Fabra (UPF) are meeting on the Expert Group Meeting (EGM) on methodology development to monitor SDG indicator 1.4.2: Proportion of total adult population with secure tenure rights to land, with legally recognized documentation and who perceive their rights to land as secure, by sex and by type of tenure.
The inclusion of land indicators in the SDGs reflects the global recognition of the importance of land rights and tenure security in meeting the sustainable development goals by 2030. The Inter-Agency Expert Group on SDGs has classified this land indicator as “Tier III”, because the methodology for regular data collection is to be developed and aim for this EGM. The focus of the meeting is on the indicator component “legally recognized documentation” which will be measured using administrative data produced by the land agencies (and compared with survey findings were relevant). The other component of the indicator (perception of tenure security) will be measured using household survey data, for which an EGM was recently concluded.
The aims of this EGM are: (i) to take stock of existing efforts for compiling and monitoring administrative data based on land records and area mapped – in a gender disaggregated way- and its contribution to strengthening security of tenure; (ii) develop a universally applicable methodology for collecting administrative data that is consistent and comparable across countries (iii) identify mechanisms enabling a maximum number of countries to report on a routine basis data on legally recognized documentation for land and property, and (iv) propose mechanisms for reporting administrative data at the country and regional level as input into land policy decision making.

IPRA-CINDER International Review

The IPRA-CINDER International Review  is now available in Amazon for just 0,99€ ((

The publication of the review was on charge of our delegation in South America, in Brazil. I want to thank Sergio Jacomino, President of IRIB for his work.

Until the 80’s, a CINDER review on law land was published. Nowadays, the review is electronic and in English. The following professors are members of the Scientific Committee: Reiner Schulze (Germany), Yves Picod (France), Peter Sparkes (England), Sjef Van Erp (The Netherlands), Pamela O’Connor (Australia), Rod Thomas (New Zeland), Celso Fernandes (Brazil), Benito Arruñada (Spain), and the lead economist of the World Bank Klaus Deinninger as well.

This first copy is dedicated to blockchain and the possibility of its application to land registry. It is a trending topic in the international area. In this copy, you will find articles of/from Benito Arruñada, Pamela O’Connor, Luis Gallego, Adriana Jacoto Unger, Flavio S. Correa da Silva, João Marcos M. Barguil, Teófilo Hurtado Navarro, Matt Regan, Jacques Vos, Bruno Rodríguez Rosado.

Merry Christmas

From IPRA-CINDER we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year



Digital Magazine

From IPRA-CINDER we have made a digital magazine of the congress. You can download it here

Video congress Dubai 2016

Highlights of the congress Dubai 2016, please follow the link

Conclusions Congress of Dubai

You can download the conclusions of the 20th International IPRA-CINDER Congress.


Key Speakers

The key speakers for the 20th International IPRA-CINDER congress are:

  • Martin Dixon, University of Cambridge, UK
  • Astrid Stadler, University of Constanza, Germany
  • Pamela O’Connor, University of Monash, Australia
  • Encarna Roca, Constitutional Court, Spain
  • Fabio Padovini, University of Trieste, Italy
  • Benito Arruñada, Pompeu Fabra University, Spain
  • Francisco Marín Castán, High Court,  Spain
  • Klaus Deininger, World Bank
  • Markku Poutanen, Finnish Geospatial Research Institute (FGI), National Land Survey of Finland

For further information, you can download the following document