Promoting the study of property registration law and spreading knowledge since 1972

Ipra-Cinder (the International Property Registries Association and International Centre of Registration Law) is an independent, open-structured, international organization of academic and professional institutions relating to the speciality of real property registration law.

The association’s origin dates back to 2 December 1972, when Ipra-Cinder’s articles of incorporation were signed in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ever since, year after year, the organization has been encouraging institutions to share their knowledge of registration law with other institutions all over the world.

Our Goal: To promote knowledge of and research into registration law

The association’s objective was and still is to facilitate and organize communication among its members, so as to coordinate their activities and create sturdier bonds of unity and fraternity and to foster and encourage the study of topics and issues relating to registration law.

Ipra-Cinder also publishes an international journal to make the resulting studies and any research concerning registration law available to others, and it provides advice in matters of registration law.

Lastly, Ipra-Cinder acts as an intercommunication hub and an office where members can exchange books, journals and other publications oncerning law, technology and registry organization. The organization’s goals include creating registration law centres or institutes in every country and holding international congresses every two years, unless circumstances recommend a change in schedule.