IPRA-CINDER International Review

The IPRA-CINDER International Review  is now available in Amazon for just 0,99€ ((https://www.amazon.es/IPRA-CINDER-International-Review-Blockchain-Registries-ebook/dp/B0713XR943/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1496821886&sr=8-1&keywords=ipra+cinder)

The publication of the review was on charge of our delegation in South America, in Brazil. I want to thank Sergio Jacomino, President of IRIB for his work.

Until the 80’s, a CINDER review on law land was published. Nowadays, the review is electronic and in English. The following professors are members of the Scientific Committee: Reiner Schulze (Germany), Yves Picod (France), Peter Sparkes (England), Sjef Van Erp (The Netherlands), Pamela O’Connor (Australia), Rod Thomas (New Zeland), Celso Fernandes (Brazil), Benito Arruñada (Spain), and the lead economist of the World Bank Klaus Deinninger as well.

This first copy is dedicated to blockchain and the possibility of its application to land registry. It is a trending topic in the international area. In this copy, you will find articles of/from Benito Arruñada, Pamela O’Connor, Luis Gallego, Adriana Jacoto Unger, Flavio S. Correa da Silva, João Marcos M. Barguil, Teófilo Hurtado Navarro, Matt Regan, Jacques Vos, Bruno Rodríguez Rosado.