Newsletter nº45

Ene 31, 2020Newsletter

IPRA-CINDER es una organización internacional, independiente y sin ánimo de lucro cuya finalidad principal consiste en promover y fomentar el estudio de los temas y cuestiones relacionados con el registro de la propiedad.

Abstract Submission

Meeting in Lisbon

On 29 January, the IPRA-CINDER team went to Lisbon to continue working on the Porto Congress. In the meeting were the ASCR and IRN as members of the Organizing Committee. The meeting was very useful and productive. We all keep on working.


BRIS, Business Registers Interconnection Systems, is an initiative of the European Commission with the member States of the EU. It allows the electronic communication between Business Registers of EU members.

The project sets up the exchange of messages about foreign branches and cross-border mergers of companies. It also facilitates the consultation of citizens’ registration information about any limited company, limited liability company and limited by shares or European registered in the Member States.

The Spanish Land Registrar, Dulce Calvo, presents BRIS