Newsletter nº54

Jul 10, 2020Última Newsletter

IPRA-CINDER es una organización internacional, independiente y sin ánimo de lucro cuya finalidad principal consiste en promover y fomentar el estudio de los temas y cuestiones relacionados con el registro de la propiedad.

New Date - Congress Porto

Os recordamos que las fechas del XXII Congreso de IPRA-CINDER son del 6 al 8 de octubre 2021. Toda la información en la web

We remind you that the XXII IPRA-CINDER congress will take place in Porto on the 6th to 8th October 2021. More info in


ELRN Workshops 2020

The last workshop of the European Land Registry Network took place on 25th and 26th June, and Contact Points from 22 EU countries participated actively in the discussions.

Although this Workshop was initially scheduled face-to-face in Bruges, due to the current situation Europe is living because of the Covid-19, it finally took place by videoconference. In fact, the special measures implemented in the EU Land Registries due to the pandemic were one of the topics of discussion. Follow the link (Source: ELRA)

HM Land Registry

The property market has been heavily impacted by the nationwide ‘lockdown’. With mortgage lenders pulling products and estate agents and surveyors not being able to visit properties, the progress of ongoing and new transactions have taken a hit. Read more

Access to Public Information

Lavinia Figueroa from Guatemala writes the following essay. It analyzes the right to access to public information in Guatemala within the Human Right and it moorings through the legal system in the Constitution of the Republic of Guatemala.

Also the progress in certain Latin American countries: its institutions and procedures. Finally, the situation in Guatemala, its progress and challenges. To read the essay follow the link (Only in Spanish)