Newsletter nº55

Jul 24, 2020Newsletter

IPRA-CINDER es una organización internacional, independiente y sin ánimo de lucro cuya finalidad principal consiste en promover y fomentar el estudio de los temas y cuestiones relacionados con el registro de la propiedad.

New Date - Congress Porto

Os recordamos que las fechas del XXII Congreso de IPRA-CINDER son del 6 al 8 de octubre 2021. Toda la información en la web

We remind you that the XXII IPRA-CINDER congress will take place in Porto on the 6th to 8th October 2021. More info in


Electronic Signatures in Conveyancing

One of the more regular questions we have received from customers since the beginning of lockdown has been whether we could accept electronic signatures (on things like a deed transferring land) instead of it being signed with a pen – a ‘wet-ink’ signature. At a time when most of us are working from home, printing, posting and scanning can be a pain. To read more follow the link

Scotland - Property Market Report 2019-20

On 30th June, Registrars of Scotland (RoS) published the property market report 2019-20.
The latest statistics from Registers of Scotland’s Property Market Report 2019-20 show that the value of residential property sales in the financial year 2019-20 was £18.5 billion, an increase of 2.0 per cent when compared with 2018-19.(Source: Registrars of Scotland) To read more follow the link