Turquía solicita ingreso en CINDER

Nov 7, 2019Actualidad

IPRA-CINDER is in happy to welcome the Republic of Turkey among its members.  This is a new a significant step forward for an Institution established for the study and development of Public Property Rights and Commercial Registers around the World.

As new IPRA-CINDER member, Turkey with its rich History and Legal Tradition has a lot to offer, and we are looking forward to its active participation, that will undoubtedly enrich us all. We are therefore very proud to Introduce Turkey as a new member of the Association.

General Directorate of Land Registry and Cadaster (GDLRC) a subsidiary institution of the Ministry of Environment and Urban Planning. Is one of the major governmental institutions in Turkey, rendering services in the fields of the Land Registry, Cadaster, and mapping. The Land Registry operates under the Guarantee of the State through 973 Land Registry and 81 Cadaster local offices, organized under 23 Regional Directorates.

In the words of M. Zeki ADLI, Director General of GDLRC: “The GDLRC has undertaken significant investments in the areas of the land registry and cadastre by means of “macro projects” such as TAKBIS (Land Registry and Cadastre Information System), Web-Tapu (electronic Land Registry office), electronic Registry, electroillC archive, 3D cadastre, TUSAGA-Aktif (Turkey national continuous GNSS network), Turkey’s orto-photography system, as well as the joint projects being carried out with international scope in collaboration win International Organizations.

The Director General of GDLRC also shares with us that his institution is an active member of several international associations and organizations, aiming at sharing with all nations in the world their rich legacy of 172 years of experience, while learning about the latest developments in this domain. In this context, we are excited to join your organization and actively share our experiences with the other members.

We are fully convinced that welcoming in our ranks an active and thriving institution, will greatly benefit IPRA-CINDER and all its members, taking advantage of the lessons and experience brought to the table by this distinguished institution, engaging with IPRA-CINDER  and all its members’ expertise sure will be greatly beneficial to all, so it is with great pride and satisfaction that we announce this new member State joining our Association.