How to Join Ipra-Cinder

Requirements and steps for joining Ipra-Cinder

Because Ipra-Cinder is an association that encourages knowledge and awareness of registration law, it’s an open, living organization. Our membership includes academic as well as professional institutions related with registration law throughout the world. If you’d like to be part of the discussion and share your concerns, experiences and knowledge as a registration institution, this section explains the requirements and steps involved in joining Ipra-Cinder.

Apply for Ipra-Cinder membership

  • To join Ipra-Cinder, you have to submit a formal written request to the organization’s secretary ( stating that you are interested in joining and enclosing your articles of association (if yours is a private organization) or the laws governing your institution (if yours is a public organization).
  • The secretary may visit your association, institution or organization, after which the secretary will prepare a report for submission to the Assembly.
  • The secretary will present your membership application and the report to the regular Assembly meeting held during our congress. The Assembly decides on applicant admissions.